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Updated 22th Mar 2007


Some parts of this project are covered by the GNU License agreement while some others are not. In general the project is free for non commercial uses. So you are welcome to download it and use it. Just drop me a mail if you have difficulties with the set up.

If you are unsure what the Thunderbolt Integration Suite consists of then have a look at this TBWhatIsIt.doc.


Most of the documentation is in Microsoft Word format so if you're not using IE you will need to download the documents first and then open them with MSWord...


Thunderbolt Integration Suite for Fedora Core 5


Thunderbolt303_DOC.tgz - Contains the latest documentation.


Thunderbolt303_SRC.tgz  - Contains all of the C++ and Java source code

                                            example connectors and binaries needed.

Thunderbolt303_WIN.tgz - Contains the runtime and sources for both the runtime

                                           monitor and the Transaction designer code... Be

                                           aware that the neither one of these two are

                                           complete... ie. they are work in progress.

GenericDBConnector.tgz - Separate Generic  DB Connector inclusive of code

                                          This is already included in the SRC file but many have

                                          found it useful for their own developments.





Thunderbolt Integration Engine Release 3.0.2-1 for Redhat 9 Linux - NEW  2-Sept-2004

Minor bug repairs... honest :-)


TBDB - NEW 29-July-2003 The latest version of the JDBC database connector is now distributed separately from the main Thunderbolt engine distribution as there are frequent new releases. This is a JDBC based Thunderbolt connector for database access. Download and un-tar in the same directory where you installed the main Thunderbolt distribution. Use the Runtime Monitor tool to configure the connector. So far tested with Oracle and MySql.

Requires an engine installation in order to work. 


Thunderbolt Windows  - NEW 29-July-2003 Java node controller, file and DB connectors together with the Java development libraries for Windows. This zip file also contains Sun's java runtime environment j2re-1_4_1_01-windows-i586-i.exe which you will have to install on your Windows system if you haven't already. Requires an engine installation in order to work. 


Thunderbolt Runtime Monitor - NEW 6-June-2003 A binary for the Runtime Monitor for Windows 2000/XP used to monitor various aspects of the Integration Engine. Requires an engine installation in order to work. Although if you just want to try it you could point it to which has an engine running on it most of the time on port 4000


The design console


NOTE - As maintenance and development of this project is a huge task and currently there is only  me doing it its unlikely that the design console will be completed in any realistic time. However there is nothing to stop any ambitions person from developing their own console. Full specs of the protocols between engine and design console will be available on request to anyone seriously interested in developing one. The current half baked version is developed using C++ Builder V5 but any other  language may be used.


Thunderbolt Design Console - NEW 6-June-2003 A binary for the Transaction Designer Console for Windows 2000/XP used to design transactions for the Thunderbolt Engine. This is still incomplete and will not work properly. Requires an engine installation in order to work. Although if you just want to try it you could point it to which has an engine running on it most of the time on port 4000


Thunderbolt Quick Start Guide - NEW 22-July-2003 Real short notes to get you started. Definitely needs expanding on :-)


JavaDoc documentation - New 27-July-2003





* If you intend to run an Engine on your Linux system and/or a node controller there you will need to install Sun's J2EE.


* The TBDB Thunderbolt Database connector I have tested this with Oracle 8.1.7 using the oracle thin JDBC driver which comes with that Oracle and with MySql 3.23.54 using the MySql JDBC connector version 3.0.8 on Linux 7. Both of these are included in the engine download.


* If you want to try out the Tomcat Thunderbolt Servlet client you will also need to install Tomcat found here and the ant build tool found here onto your Linux installation. Most of these tools are not bundled with sun's J2EE.


* Finally remember this software comes to you with no guarantee what so ever.





The current download is still in a development state, so its less than polished. You will find lots of logging and debugging information pouring out of practically every stream this will eventually go with future releases :-)

The recent release is an alpha stage comprising java versions of the connector. development libraries as well as new node managers. New to the current release are:


1) Full connector and transaction model availability  management.

2) Generic JDBC Database connector appears to work with Oracle and mysql so far! Any other DBs let me know!

3) Text File connector





Some of the work that needs to be done:


- Documentation:

        Install instructions,

        Technical documentation,

        Updating of connector development documentation

- Re-design of web site

- Interconnect with web services

- Development of the design console


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